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Wood floors for every space

Wood floors for every space? Yes, it's possible. Choosing the perfect material for each room, based on that area's requirements, is easier than you think. You might find it an ideal opportunity to floor your entire home from a single product line.

Hardwood flooring gives you plenty of personalization options to include a product for each space for which you need flooring. With modern technologies and manufacturing techniques, it's easier than ever to find just what you need. Let's look into some of what's available for you right now.

Find out more about hardwood flooring

Solid wood flooring is an excellent option for many spaces throughout your home. Not only do they provide one of the most extended lifespans in flooring, but they offer a wealth of personalization options as well, so you can create the look and feel you want in every area. For any space that's on or above grade, it's a perfect option.

For below-grade spaces, engineered wood flooring is best. These real wood floors are constructed to work well in humid, damp, moist areas that experience frequent temperature changes. Still, you have many of the same options concerning species selection, stain color, sealant, and finish type, and the materials can even be refinished several times before replacement.
The wood flooring installation process can take some time and is preceded by an acclimation period. The time frame for acclimation varies, based on the weather and the humidity level in your home, but can take three days or more. For more information on this process, or anything relating to your new floors, feel free to visit and speak to a flooring professional when you're in the area.

A hardwood flooring showroom you can trust

Room At A Time Flooring has all the experience necessary to create great-looking floors for every room in your home. Our associates are happy to help you browse, answer all your questions, and set up the services that will provide a perfect flooring experience. Just let us know what your requirements and preferences are, and we'll do the rest.

If you’re in the areas of St. Cloud, FL, Kissimmee, FL, Harmony, FL, Poinciana, FL, or Lake Nona, FL, we welcome you to visit our St. Cloud, Florida showroom whenever it’s convenient. We'll be ready to help take on your project of any size. If you're ready to get serious about wood floors, we're ready to assist you.